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Assorted Micro-greens/ 
  ~ Custom Blends Upon Request~ 
      * Rainbow Mix
      * Basil 
      * Opal Basil
      * Cilantro 
      * Red Amaranth
      * Your Custom Blend 
4 oz clamshell container
These tasty little sprouts scream freshness. Colorful and aromatic, enjoy our Assorted Micro-Greens in salads and/or as a garnish. 
Spearmint Tops 
100 count tray
Smells like Spring again! 

Chocolate Mint Tops 
100 count tray
Just like the Mint Tops but with an intoxicating twist!
Mint Tops
Chocolate Mint Tops
Spearmint                             Chocolate Mint
Tri-colored Sage
Gold Sage
Tri-color Sage Tops 
75 count tray
Musky aroma and a mixture of color, these make an excellent garnish.
Tri-color Sage                  Gold Sage                       Sage
Sold by the pound
Better than a green onion, use Connelly Gardens' fresh Chives to spice up your favorite dishes!
Sold by the pound
This special culinary variety is pungent and flavorful! Great with poultry and meat.
Gold Sage Tops 
75 count tray
A burst of golden delight, these gold and green sage tops compliment any plate.
Sold by the pound
Excellent for seasoning poultry!
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Peppermint Tops
100 count tray
Great as a garnish!

Pineapple Mint Tops
100 count tray
Add these for a tropical touch!
Peppermint                          Pineapple Mint
Basil     (left)
Sold by the pound
No kitchen is complete without it. Dry Basil is no substitute for this delicious aromatic essential.  A Connelly Gardens favorite!
Thai Basil
Sold by the pound
Beautifully enticing smell that is irristable. Experiment a little... it's good in more than  Thai food!
Basil                                 Thai Basil
    Marjoram                         Oregano                            Thyme                         Tarragon
Marjoram     (above)
Sold by the pound
Less spicy and sweeter than Oregano. Brightens up any dish!
Sold by the pound
Use Connelly Gardens' fresh Oregano while it's in season! Great in Italian food.
Sold by the pound
This petite-leafed plant is sure to please. Adds a savory zest to anything! 
Sold by the pound
This Anise-flavored herb should never be used dry. A beautiful addition in trout butter!
Red Bell Peppers               Green Bell Peppers
Red Grape Tomatoes        Yellow Cherry Tomatoes     Sun Gold Tomatoes
Red Grape Tomatoes     (above)
Flat of 12 pint baskets
Firm, tender and sweet. Get them while their hot!
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes     (above)
Flat of 12 pint baskets
Slightly bigger and rounder than the Red Grape Tomatoes, use these beauties in salads, on kabobs or as a summer treat!

Sun Gold Tomatoes     (left)
Flat of 12 pint baskets 
The sweetest of our cherry tomatoes, try some of these coral-colored wonders before they go out of season!

Red Bell Peppers     (above)
25 pound case
Our sweet Red Bells are in season and they are a sight to behold. Add a splash of color to hor douvre trays and stir frys!

Green Bell Peppers     (right)
25 pound case
This season's Green Bells are large thick-walled wonders!  Add stuffed-peppers to your menu that will be sure to please!

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