About the Farmer
Farmer Tim Connelly
Tim Connelly started peddling his produce in a wagon when he was six years old. Going door to door he sold figs, tangerines and strawberries from his family garden. For the last three and a half decades Tim has managed to keep one hand in the dirt and one hand in the market. 
Tim has experience in every aspect of the produce industry. As a teen, he worked as a warehouseman in Los Angeles’ famous mega produce market, which distributes produce to all of Southern California. 
Some time later, Tim and his brother began a farm of their own in San Diego’s backcountry. A jack of all trades, Tim grew, packaged, marketed, sold and delivered his fine wares. 
Fast becoming an agricultural entrepreneur, Tim formed a partnership with San Diego’s largest and oldest produce distributer, Moceri Produce. Tim has worked with the Moceri family and local produce expert, Rob Farmer, to start a “Locally Grown” program which highlights quality products from local farms. Tim also works closely with chefs in order to customize his farming production to meet their culinary demands. 
Tim's farm, Connelly Gardens, produces culinary herbs, specialty fruits and vegetables, micro-greens and edible garnishes for fine dining establishments in San Diego and throughout the nation. Tim uses several growing techniques including field cultivation and hydroponics. “Farming is my craft, my passion and my life” says Tim. And that is why Connelly Gardens is Growin’ Crazy! 

About the Farm
Connelly Gardens is a small farm located in the serene hills of Ramona in San Diego’s back-country. Farmer, Tim Connelly, has been growing specialty vegetables in the county since 1985.  Connelly Gardens produces an abundance of herbs, specialty vegetables, edible garnishes, and micro-greens. Most recently, he has expanded his farm and has been “Growin’ Crazy” providing superior product to the finest establishments in San Diego.
       Farmer Tim Connelly in his field
 Location:    Connelly Gardens
                     252 Steffy Rd
                     Ramona, CA 92065
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